What started off as one young man’s recovery from illness has turned into a passionate family-run business enabling healthier lifestyles across Europe.

Jacoco is run by two siblings, James and Rachel, each bringing their own unique knowledge, experiences, and professional qualities to the business. They are united in their passion for helping as many people to live the happiest and healthiest lives possible. That is why you can trust us to provide premium products made from the highest quality ingredients that deliver real results.

Both James and Rachel have consumed Qenda's wellness products. After consuming Qenda Ultimate Fibre, both saw significant benefits and witnessed James’ transformation back into a vibrant, healthy person after years of disease and distress. They were then motivated to share their knowledge and distribute this product throughout Europe. 

James and Rachel spent the first year making absolutely sure that they had products you could trust to keep you healthy and happy. They then created our online store and hit the road to meet new customers and distributors. We have already seen great success from our partnerships with distributors across the UK who help to share the benefits of Qenda with hundreds of people. 

Now, the team at Jacoco is eager to build more relationships with reputable wholesalers, retailers and practitioners across Europe who all share the same passion for health. We want to ensure that Qenda products are widely accessible across the continent. Our aim is to make these fantastic health products more readily available to the public.

We would love for you to join us in this positive mission by becoming a reseller today.