The Link Between Gut, Digestive and Mental Health

The Link Between Gut, Digestive and Mental Health

My Simple drawing of the Brain, the Vagus Nerve and the Gut the inter-connectedness between them

Here’s a quick email I shared with a researcher about my findings with the gut-brain connection and the link between gut health, digestive health, and mental health and how it directly relates to anxiety and depression, or to put it briefly “Gut health’s role on depression”. Although it is not perfect, I thought it was important to share it with yourself and the public.

So A few key points before I rant on:

-90-95% of serotonin (the well known near transmitter aka the happy hormone) is made in the digestive tract

-The vagus nerve which links the brain to the rest of the vital organs in the body sends signals both ways, but more importantly, these signals are 95% upwards towards the brain, proving our gut, digestive and overall health is directly contributing our thoughts and feelings

-60-65% of the whole bodies neurotransmitters are found in the intestines, which is why it is also known as ‘the second brain’, (or through the law of averages, the brains brain haha)

-A lot of people I have helped with there digestive problems such as its and bid etc have actually just been trying to heal their intestines, but as a ‘side effect’ have actually got their mental health back and soon realised that they no longer required their antidepressants and anxiety medications.

-I myself did not even realise that I had anxiety and depressive thoughts when I was suffering from Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease as I always considered myself to be a mentally strong and positive person… It was after around 6 weeks on my first cleanse with the Qenda Ultimate Fibre a few years ago, I was an apprentice welding on my own in a back room, it was then I noticed that I no longer had self-defeatist thoughts which normally rolled through my head throughout the day and when I was alone. Thoughts like “I bet they are taking the piss out of me now I am not in the workshop” or “haha I bet James is f**king all that welding up” etc etc – all that anxious dialogue had gone, and I had just realised it 🙂

-Last point, one of my friends who was off work with depression, I stopped and saw him in the street and he explained what had been going on, I had just started my business and actually had some Qenda in the car, I said to him have this tub for free as long as you promise me that you will take it as I believe your depression relates directly to your intestinal health which I believe is heavily compromised.
He agreed and over the next few weeks I worked with him ensuring that he was getting enough vitamin d (under the tongue as it was winter) and essential fatty acids etc.
After just a few days, he explained to me how he was seeing stuff in his stool that looked weird and he had definitely not eaten, these sounds exactly like parasites also known as worms, I knew it! I was so excited as everything I had been saying about intestinal health correlating directly with mental health had been confirmed. We had found our problem and now had an answer for why the depression came out of nowhere, it was a parasitic infection that once the body is infected, can start multiplying and taking over the body quite quickly.
I wish this story had a happy ending, but, after 21 days, once my friend’s first tub ran out, he said he did not want to pay for his next tub, so we never really did get to see him back to full health and parasite free. Although, we did get all the confirmation we need with regards to intestinal health and toxicity in the body playing a massive role in our mental health.

**Below is a list of herbs with just some of their very useful properties, if you get in touch with me I can advise you where you can get them in the highest quality and all in one formulation ;)**

Herbs like:

-Clove, wormwood, black walnut hulls which are all very strong antiparasitics-slippery elm, liquorice root, marshmallow root all amazing for healing and sealing the intestinal lining

-You have bitter herbs in there like dandelion root, Turkish rhubarb, milk thistle which all cleanse the liver and in turn helps the kidneys and blood-Ashwagandha and Astragalus which are adaptogenic herbs which strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and increase feelings of wellbeing-

-Calming soothing herbs like licquorice root

-Anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric

-Psyllium husk is a good fibre to go along and cleanse the intestines

-Cascara to push stuff along and get things moving

And last but not least, a lot of people with anxiety are holding onto a lot of crap in there lives, literally and figuratively, so you can pretty much guarantee by getting there elimination pathways flowing again, you will release a lot of that crap that has built up.
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