Am I having a healthy amount of bowel movements?

Am I having a healthy amount of bowel movements?

How regular are you?

How regular should you be?

What is regular?

Are you having a healthy amount of bowel movements in a day?

When talking about Bowel movements and healthy elimination pathways I often get somebody tell me, “I am fine, I am regular.” This is such a broad statement and can often be a very confusing subject for some people so I thought it was best to write this blog post and explain how many times a day you should be eliminating and just how important it is for the health of your body.

How many times do you eliminate through your bowels???

-This is usually my first question because it is a great indication of your health and simply put the amount of toilet time should match how many meals you eat daily.

From this you can figure so much, for example, when somebody has one bowel movement a day or even less, you can guarantee that they will have aching joints, tiredness, brain fog and even inflammation showing as pain in any areas of the body, or as other symptoms such as rashes on the skin and fungus on toenails; the skin is a window of what is happening on the inside.

Simply, the digestive system is just a tube so you should expect to get out what you put in. A similar amount of ‘digested’ food and the by-products from the normal bodily processes like bile production will always need to come out, whether fasting or not, otherwise, when it stays in the intestines, potentially, it can create problems.

For example, when faeces are not eliminated properly it builds up over time stretching the intestinal wall from its normal natural circumference of 4 inches, to coroners seeing that people have stretched intestines with a circumference of 16 inches in morgues!

When people have this impacted faeces on the walls of their intestines, from too-little bowel movements, every time they ingest water, it could be the freshest, purist, un-tampered water in the world, but, it will still have to pass through the impacted faeces so these people are always absorbing ‘dirty’ water. You can see why people who are having less bowel movements than meals are always feeling sluggish, fatigued and always have brain fog…. Their system is clogged up and more toxic the average.

This just does not stop at the intestines either, as your digestive system starts to clog up, it then transfers over to your liver and kidneys which starts to block those up, once these are compromised, your blood gets effected and that is when you get the high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. It really can be simple, the body needs to move and flow effectively, to do this, all the organs need to be able to do their job which requires well-functioning elimination pathways.

To know what is going on inside your body, first we check how many bowel movements a day you are having and secondly and just as important, we check how they look; they stools should be solid, formed and hydrated and not dried and cracked.

For people with looser stools and more bowel movements than the number of daily meals consumed, you can guarantee that there will be some type of parasite or bacterial overgrowth in the digestive system which the body is trying to remove. It is just the same when you get a bug and get diarrhoea, you body is very clever and is trying to get rid of whatever it is that is causing, and when loose stools and diarrhoea persists, it then means that you need to give your body a hand to help it get back to balance and homeostasis with powerful healing herbs. You can guarantee these people with Diarrhoea will need to be drinking more water and will feel tired with low energy. As a general rule, they are lacking in nutrients due to them struggling to absorb them from the foods, also, they tend to have some level of leaky gut and be struggling with gaining weight.

We, humans, have 4-5 elimination pathways:

-our breath

-our sweat

-our urine

-our faeces

-and women have the menstrual cycle

And when it is not coming out in the toilet, you can guarantee it will be showing as rashes on your skin or bad breath or body odour. And just think what it is doing to your insides if it is not coming out in any other of your elimination pathways…

Hope this brings you some clarity 😀
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