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What is the difference between Ultimate Fibre and Everyday Fibre?

Qenda Ultimate Fibre is Qenda’s flagship product and the one that originally changed our MD’s life for the better. It contains a unique blend of 30 herbs which have been specifically formulated with perfect gut health in mind. We recommend that everyone who is new to Qenda starts by consuming this for three to four months until digestion is normalised with two to three healthy-looking bowel movements a day.

Qenda Everday Fibre contains 22 high-quality ingredients similar to Ultimate Fibre. It is cheaper to buy and one 450g tub lasts 30 days. It can be consumed daily after your 3-4 months on the Ultimate Fibre or whenever you feel like you want a treat of goodness.

Should I alter the amount of your fibre products I take from the advised amount?

Consuming the advised amount is crucial. Over 12s who weigh above 40kg are strongly advised to take two level scoops of Ultimate Fibre and one scoop of Everyday Fibre (20g and 15g respectively). Increasing or decreasing your serving is not recommended.

You can still benefit from just one serving per day before breakfast. However, effects will take longer to materialise.

How do you consume Jacoco’s fibre products?

You should consume our Ultimate Fibre and Everyday Fibre products once or twice per day. Do so on an empty stomach 10 to 30 minutes before breakfast and one other meal. Everyday Fibre can be taken consistently. Ultimate Fibre is best taken as directed below.

The Ultimate Fibre Plan
Day 1: Mix 400ml of water and one scoop of Ultimate Fibre in a protein shaker bottle, shake well and drink whole before breakfast. Add more water if needed to get the remainder of the product out of the shaker and drink whole.

Day 2-7: Mix two scoops of Ultimate Fibre with 400ml of water before breakfast.

Week 2-9: Have two scoops before breakfast, and two before your evening meal. Continue this for one to eight weeks until healthy digestion and elimination is achieved (two to three bowel movements a day on this protocol).

Last month: Using your last tub, have two scoops before breakfast most days. This creates a gradual tapering off effect.

I would recommend replacing tap water with bottled spring water or well-filtered water for maximum purity.

What are the serving sizes?

Ultimate Fibre, Ultimate Fibre Chocolate and Ultimate Fibre Wildberry: 20g – Two level 10g scoops
Everyday Fibre and Everyday Fibre Wildberry: 15g – One level 15g scoop
Ultimate Ashwagandha: One teaspoon

Scoops are included in tubs

What are the Ultimate Fibre and Everyday Fibre serving sizes for children and adults weighing under 40kg?

Generally, under 12s should take one scoop of Ultimate Fibre or half a scoop of Everyday Fibre per day. However, it is best to contact us for specific directions.

For adults under 40kg in weight, contact is also advised.

What is there in my digestive system that needs removing?

Heavy metals, parasites, candida, bacterial and fungal overgrowths, toxins and viruses accumulate all around the body including in the intestines, liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. Even the healthiest person plays host to a lot of these nasties.

After a cleanse, can you change to a normal diet and stop using Qenda’s fibre products?

Yes, you are able to return to a normal diet after the cleanse.

You are advised to consume Qenda Ultimate Fibre for three to four months or until you stop seeing all of the impurities exiting the body. You should then consume one more tub over a period of around a month. Then you can follow up with Everyday Fibre, which is formulated (as you may have guessed) for everyday use.

Can you continue to consume Qenda Ultimate Fibre after 4 months?

Yes. Qenda Ultimate fibre is basically a wellness food.

I still
use it as a maintenance food on days when I am travelling and cannot be
sure of eating clean, organic food. It can also be used as an amazing
source of fibre, iron and general goodness for those that need a little
help with their diets. I know a lot of people that like to keep a tub
handy for days when they feel like they need a nutritious digestive

A maintenance dose can be anything from whenever you need it, once a week, every other day, whatever suits you best.

When cleansing, do you recommend a certain diet? Is there anything you recommend avoiding?

I advise having a nutrient dense diet, which has plenty of vegetables that are as organic and natural as possible. When eating non-organic foods, keep away from vegetables and fruits in the ‘dirty dozen’ and stick to the ‘clean 15’ (below). Try avoiding grain in every meal as it really helps take the strain off the digestive system. Nutritionally, potatoes and sweet potatoes are a great replacement.

Also, I advise keeping away from pork, as it is full of parasites and toxins. Try keeping to foods that are in their natural, unprocessed state and reducing processed sugar down to a minimum.

If you eat meat, eat the organic grass reared or free range forms of it, this ensures the animals have been reared humanly and there bodies are healthy, balanced and nutritious because they have been raised on their natural diet and environment.

I would try to minimise sugars. They lower immune system function, mess up the body’s biome, feed candida and parasites, and are very acidic. Importantly, sugar is sugar. No matter how healthy your sugar is according to the advertising, it still has the same negative effects you might expect.

What are the ‘dirty dozen’ and ‘clean 15’ and why are they so important?

The Dirty Dozen is a list of the 12 fruits and vegetables that contain the highest concentrations of pesticides. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) recommends buying organic versions of these. The Clean Fifteen is a list of the 15 fruits and vegetables that contain the lowest concentrations of pesticides and can be bought normally.

The Dirty Dozen – Only buy organic:

The Clean Fifteen – Can buy non-organic:
Sweet corn
Frozen sweet peas
Honeydew melons

What should I expect one week into the Ultimate Fibre protocol?

Everyone’s body is unique and reacts differently. A lot of people are feeling the benefits of extra nutrition and properly working elimination pathways. Hopefully, you will have noticed some mild detoxification benefits by now.

You might also notice that you are reacting a lot less to some foods that may have previously been causing you a problem.

My friend recommended Qenda Ultimate Fibre for losing weight, can I use it for this?

I have heard and seen many people benefit from losing those unwanted pounds. This can happen because they are removing the intestinal plaque and waste that has built up over years of slow digestion or simply because of the benefits of getting dietary essentials such as fibre and iron from Qenda while enjoying a healthy diet. Either way, the person is lighter and feels more energetic.

Are your fibre products beneficial for healthy people, as well as people with autoimmune conditions and digestive problems?

Many ‘healthy’ people would benefit massively from removing the impurities that accumulate over the years, as the body cannot naturally expel these without the right stuff going in. Heavy metals, parasites, candida, bacterial and fungal overgrowths, toxins and viruses accumulate around the body in the intestines, liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. Knowing all this, you can see how even ‘healthy’ people would benefit from a cleanse with the help of our products.

Qenda products are also very nutritionally beneficial as they are made from certified organic and wildcrafted herbs sourced and harvested when they are fully mature and in season. The body responds to them well in this raw, untreated form. These ingredients provide many of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as much of the iron and fibre the body requires, enabling it to self-heal and thrive.

What is intestinal plaque bio film?

Biofilm, also known as intestinal plaque and black rope is a build-up of impacted faeces and waste in the small and large intestines. This can accumulate over years of poor diet and slow digestive function. It is very common in much of Europe due to our westernised diet and lack of plant-based fibre.

Will Qenda Ultimate Fibre help remove the intestinal plaque also known as biofilm?

I have heard many great reviews and testimonials from my clients about the removal of pollutant biofilm. They say they feel much lighter once it is removed. It is not a painful process and it is excreted into the
toilet during a normal bowel movement.

What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is a varied one that consists of mainly organic foods. It is absolutely fine to eat non-organic foods but be aware of what you let into your body and minimise consumption of the foods listed in the dirty dozen.

In terms of balance and variety, a healthy diet is one-third fats, one-third protein and one-third healthy carbohydrates including plant-based foods and fibrous vegetables. Healthy fats are foods like avocados, legumes, olive oil and coconut oil.

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Can your fibre products be this be taken with a stoma and will there be any benefits?

Yes, even with a stoma you will still feel the benefits of consuming the clean organic herbs and fibre.

Do the Wildberry flavour products work in the same way as the originals?

Yes. Ultimate Fibre Wildberry and Everyday Fibre Wildberry are just as beneficial as the originals. They have exactly the same beneficial
ingredients in similar quantities just with added berry flavour from
natural thaumatin – a fruit seed extract.

What is Thaumatin?

Thaumatin acts as a flavour enhancer and sweetener. It is a natural product extracted from the husks of katemfe fruit’s seeds. Thaumatin is 2000 times sweeter than sugar, so there is only a very small amount in the formulation

Are Ultimate Fibre and Everyday Fibre available in the UK and Europe?

Yes … You can get them from this site! All orders are processed on the same day. UK orders are sent first class via Royal Mail – generally arriving on the next working day when ordered before 15:00. European deliveries normally arrive on the next working day or the day after depending on the order time.

How long will a tub of Ultimate Fibre last?

Qenda Ultimate Fibre comes in a 500g tub. One two-scoop serving is 20g, which equates to 25 servings in a tub. At the recommended dose of two servings per day, a tub lasts 12.5 days. Hence, the three-month protocol requires six or seven tubs.

What makes Qenda Ultimate Fibre so good?

Qenda Ultimate Fibre is Qenda’s premium product: An incredible blend of organic and wildcrafted herbs which cleanse and benefit the body
All the herbs are certified organic and wildcrafted and benefit from being sourced when they are fully mature and in season. This makes up a powerful, natural mix.

Quality is guaranteed as Qenda batch tests its ingredients and products for safety and to ensure purity from GMO’s. herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals. pathogenic moulds, yeasts, fungus and unwanted bacteria.

All Qenda products are manufactured in Australia in a clean, chemical-free, HACCP certified facility to the highest quality and standards.

I have benefitted from Qenda myself. After years of suffering with autoimmune conditions. I had tried absolutely every protocol, treatment, diet, supplement and cleanse that I could find. Some seemed to help a little. However, I had spent tens of thousands of pounds trying all of these products in search for my answer. It was only when I found Qenda Ultimate Fibre that I experienced the healing and relief I had dreamed of.

The best thing was…It was the easiest and cheapest thing that I had ever used and, most importantly, it worked!

That’s why I decided to bring it cheaply to Europe. Enjoy!