51 Reasons to Take Qenda Ultimate Fibre

51 Reasons to Take Qenda Ultimate Fibre

This is why 70% of the population should start Qenda Ultimate Fibre today:

70% of us are are in lockdown staying at and working from home :

1. plenty of time to take before breakfast

2. you don’t have to carry it around with you when ‘going to work’

3. you can leave it on your kitchen side as a pre-breakfast reminder

4. when at work “we don’t have time” and “we are not allowed to go” (it scares me how school teachers, nurses, courtroom, shift workers, carers etc are just forced to slow down their elimination pathways and create illness within just because they are at work)

5. if you experience some detoxification symptoms like tiredness, nausea, increased bowel movements, you are in the best place, in your comfort zone and can even sneak in an early afternoon nap if needs be 😉

6. always toilet nearby

7. you have the time to heal

8. you are less stressed

9. you are in less of a hurry to get places

10. your schedule is more flexible so more time for self-care

11. you have the time to always eat amazingly nutritious home-cooked and prepared meals

12. you can be precise about what you eat

13. you selective of the ingredients in meals

14. you have more time to be conscious when buying

15. the perfect time to self-educate yourself on your body to maximise your wellbeing, health, energy levels, output, immune system

16. I personally have no events so always available to talk, guide and help you over phone

17. money saved whilst all the restaurants, bar and coffee shops have been shut, can pay for the Qenda

18. experience amazing results like previous happy customers have spoken about in the reviews

19. have your immune system in tip-top shape which is ideal in these times

20. time to meditate

21. time to yoga

22. time to lymphatic shake (check my last blog post)

23. time to dry brush (check my last blog post)

24. time to breathe (check my last blog post)

25. time to drink more water

26. time to do all your favorite activities that help with detoxification

27. create a healing environment

28. this is a great time to lower the toxicity of your home and replace chemical with more natural alternatives

29. you can cleanse at the same time as your family or housemates

30. for support

31. share the experience

32. share the costs

33. all chip in and buy 3 pack for 5% discount

34. all chip in for 6/7 tub multibuy discount

35. at least 60% of your immune system is in your intestines

36. each ingredient directly or indirectly benefit the immune system (check my last blog post)

37. Everybody has more than enough toilet roll from when they bought there 2 year lockdown supply last month ? 😉

38. because you pigged out on too many chocolate eggs over Easter

39. because you want to lose weight and get back to your natural body shape for summer

40. inflammation is the number one cause of fat

41. fat cells hold toxins which is why fat is needed, once you rid the cause of toxins there is no need to carry that fat

42. 2020 is the year you get healthy

43. 2020 is the year you get regular

44. 2020 is the year you finally get rid of brain fog

45. turn this ‘burden’ into a blessing

46. you will be able to tidy your house again because you haven’t been able to get to your hoover since you bought 10 years worth of toilet roll

47. 50% off your daily iron in one serve, great for menstruating women or people diagnosed with Anemia

48. it is time you get your freedom back

49. it is time you are able to eat a variety of delicious meals again

50. it is time you get to say you have done something beneficial during these trying times

51. come out of this lockdown a new you
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