My Journey: "From being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back to Health and Freedom"

My Journey: "From being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back to Health and Freedom"

The story that I am about to tell you is something that I would not wish on anybody but also one that I would not change for the world. From all the suffering I have learnt so much about myself, auto-immune diseases and how the human body works. It is what I have learnt that I want to share with as many people as possible.

In March 2014 my life changed forever, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. At the time I had never heard of Ulcerative Colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease, or “IBD” for short. Honestly, having suffered for years with unavoidable and worsening symptoms, I was just relieved to have a diagnosis. Little did I know at this time that this diagnosis was just the tip of the iceberg as in a few years I would learn that I actually had Crohn’s disease too.

The real surprise came when the doctor, a bowel disease specialist, described the outlook:

– IBD cannot be cured

-With IBD you are 30% more likely to get bowel cancer

– Finally, you will be on immunosuppressants for the rest of your life

This made no sense to me because I had always considered myself as “healthy”. As a healthy person I drank plenty of water, I exercised regularly and I always chose the “healthy option” on the menu. I just could not accept that this was my fate. I knew deep down that there must be another way to deal with it. I knew that there had to be a more reasonable natural option. After negotiating with the doctor to try manage the symptoms without medication first, and armed with a new “label”, I started to research how I could heal. If I failed I knew that I could go always back to the doctor and ask to follow the medical approach.

When my friend researched on a Crohn’s and Colitis forum he noticed a general pattern whereby people were on medication for 2-3 years, yet after 2-3 years they got an ileostomy bag anyway.

At this time of suffering, I only knew one other person that had Crohn’s disease, she was an older family friend who was diagnosed many years ago and she had an ileostomy bag for many years. I went to see her and she recommended that I should take the medication but as I said I knew deep down that I this wasn’t an option for me. Her advice just fuelled my desire even more. I decided that day to do everything in my power to heal this Ulcerative Colitis / Crohn’s Disease naturally.

My social life, hobbies and health suffered, in fact they were none existent for 3 years. I spent all my time either being tortured from the inside on the toilet, curled up on the sofa in agony or researching how the human body works and doctors’ research and advice on chronic disease and alternative therapies for healing.

Before the diagnosis

Leading up to the diagnosis I unknowingly lived with Ulcerative Colitis / Crohn’s Disease and I want to tell you about how that felt. Every day consisted of crippling stomach cramps, causing me to scream and cry in pain. Then there was the trips to the toilet, aside from being the most painful thing that I have ever experienced, the trips to the toilet were so embarrassing as not only did I make a mess, (trust me no matter how hard I tried it was messy), my poo was the worst rotten smell, the smell was so bad that I didn’t even want to open the door to leave the toilet. My bowel movements were full of blood and they made me so dizzy to the point of feeling on the verge of passing out.


It wasn’t just going to the toilet that was bad, the disease impacted many other areas of my life too. I had no memory or recollection of much that had happened in the day or in fact much of my life as my body was so imbalanced that I could not even string a full sentence together and I kept forgetting describing words.


At the time I was working full time as an electrical apprentice in a factory. I also started a part time business renting out hot tubs, which made good money. Unfortunately, although it was only 3 hours a week’s work, it was too time demanding and strenuous for my body and I was on the brink of exhaustion which meant I had to sell the business.

No matter how ill I felt I tried so hard to keep going to work because I wanted to complete my apprenticeship. People would tell me that I should take time off to get better. I knew having days off work would not help me and I was also worried that if I signed off work whether I would ever be well enough to return.


Work was horrible and embarrassing, I was shitting myself at least once a day, it seemed like every time that I was in the middle of a conversation with somebody or just as I started a job, I would need to go urgently. I could never hold it in and I usually ended up shitting myself on the way to the toilet. Because I was so ill my body was eliminating toxins causing my body odour to stink and became noticeably unbearable for my colleagues. All of this was extremely degrading. I really started to question life and what I had done to deserve this illness. It made me feel terrible, unworthy, embarrassed and most of all scared of people noticing and people laughing at me.

Night times consisted of sleepless nights, painful stomach cramps and uncontrollable bowel movements. Even though the toilet was only 10 foot away I never made it so the floor was covered in shit, which meant (in the middle of the night) I was cleaning it up because it was covered in diarrhoea and it smelt so bad.

Combine the lack of sleep, the disease and work, I was absolutely shattered all the time. I hated life but I always put on a brave face and a smile for others. By trying to balance the pain, covering up the shame, figuring out what the causes for this disease were and why it was happening I became severely depressed.

My transit time became so fast that food was going straight through me in as little as half an hour and coming out exactly as I had swallowed it but mixed with blood and mucous and all of this was on a good day. Just to try make it to the toilet I ended up cutting out foods that are recommended for good health like vegetables and everything fibrous and was on a very limited diet which was getting stricter and stricter with each passing day; the problem was I reacted to everything I ate.


I started to spend a lot of money on the best supplements to try to get better, including importing refrigerated probiotics from America at a cost of £450 every two weeks. I just thought, and I still stand by this, if I am going to do natural healing, I need to do it right, and by right I mean with high quality organic unaltered ingredients.


My weight had dropped by 13kg and at 5ft9 and 58kg I was just skin and bone. I always wore a big jumper to hide how skinny my arms were. To no avail. I was constantly reminded that I was not healthy and not well. People kept telling me how much weight I had lost and how ill I looked. I cannot begin to explain how frustrating this was because I thought I was doing everything I could to be more healthy but I looked more and more unhealthy.

Everything I ate went through me undigested in as little as 45 minutes. I started to blend up a lot of my food as I thought this would help absorption and digestion. At work my colleagues would taunt me by saying that I just needed a good meal in me.


Because I had cut out so many trigger foods everybody just thought I was a fussy eater. It is impossible to explain to anyone how bad Ulcerative Colitis / Crohn’s Disease affects the human body, my body was absorbing no nutrients and attacking itself.

I was so embarrassed about how I looked and I hated how skinny I was. I tried to do weight lifting again to put some weight back on. This was a bad idea and resulted in my guts going into continuous spasm with unbearable pain and I was now running to the toilet every minute or so and just fresh blood and mucus was coming out. After an urgent doctor’s appointment the next morning and I received his finger up my bum (which was becoming standard protocol for my visits) and the prescribed anti-sickness medication, this had no effect; a few hours later I was in an ambulance heading to hospital.

My stay in hospital

Hospital felt like two weeks of abuse.

At hospital I had two options, (or zero options depending on how you look at it), which were:

Take all the medication that the doctors prescribed me
Be classed as clinically insane for refusing the medication and have to take it anyway.


It may sound crazy to some people but I had done a lot of research and I knew that using toxic medications with life-changing side effects was not going to heal me. Furthermore, I knew it would set back my healing further. However, regardless of my knowledge, I had no option but to take the medication.

During the two weeks that I spent in hospital, I received some questionable treatments, which really did make me worse.

Upon arrival, I received an injection straight into my stomach just because it was hospital policy. They put me on steroids intravenously and on immunosuppressants. They also put me on a sugar and water drip, even though I begged them not to give me sugar because I knew that sugar made me worse, (through my food diary I learnt what foods caused severe flare-ups). Within minutes of being on the sugar drip blood was pouring out of my bum and into the toilet.


The doctors weren’t listening to me. I cried and cried with frustration because in all my life I had never felt so trapped and abused. Through the pain and frustration this was a massive point of realisation for me.

I learnt that in hospital every person gets the same treatment no matter what. No matter what you say your needs are a doctor has to follow what is written in the medical guidelines.

The more I thought about this the more it genuinely surprised me (and still does) because no two bodies are the same. We should be treated as individuals and not as persons.

Whilst I won’t talk you through everything that went wrong during my stay in hospital, I will say that throughout it all my only focus was getting out of there. Fortunately Christmas Eve arrived and the hospital needed beds. Using this to my advantage I told them what they needed to hear to be allowed home for Christmas. Thankfully I was discharged.

When I was discharged I was given strict instructions to continue taking the steroids, the immunosuppressants, and to go back immediately if my symptoms worsened. I was just happy to be going home and to keep my family happy I took the medications. This was the only time in my life that I have actually taken steroids and immune suppressants.


​After a few days on the steroid tablets I was bouncing off the walls, I had so much energy I was running around the house dancing, joking and making my family laugh. I was suffering horrible side effects alongside still pooing blood and having undigested food in my stool, I had a constant severe burning in my stomach, the only way I can describe it is that it felt like I had drunk acid. I could not sleep and was wide awake all night, a body cannot heal if it is not sleeping. With these side effects I was no better off and no healthier than I was before. All the medication did was mask the symptoms and create other problems.

Further diagnosis

Before I stayed in hospital all I had was my first diagnosis which was Ulcerative Colitis. This is essentially ulcerations the whole way along the colon meaning that I suffered with intestinal bleeding, evidenced by fresh blood, blood clots and mucus in my stool each day.

In hospital I had a CT scan which confirmed that I had a very large stricture blocking my descending colon. A stricture is formed from scar tissue building up on top of itself on the inside of the colon and narrowing the passageway. My stricture had narrowed my colon to around 5mm wide, where a healthy colon is 32mm wide, this meant that mine was more than 6 times smaller than it should of been.

It was around this time that I learnt I also had Crohn’s Disease meaning that my small intestine too was severely damaged. This caused constant intestinal bleeding from my small intestine, evidenced by the green rotten blood coming out in my stool daily.

I paid £300 for a consultation to see a top specialist in the hope that he could fix me. He was all doom and gloom. His prognosis was stronger medication and to operate. He said that if I didn’t have the operations to cut out my small and large intestine I had a very high chance of dying.

My options with the medical system were looking very grim. However, I was happy because having these diagnosis’s meant I finally had an explanation for the excruciating pain all around my belly area. I finally understood what was going on inside my body, what I had to deal with in order to heal.

The last resort

For the next 1.5 years, I went on a liquid diet.

Five days out of hospital and nineteen days taking the medication and the side effects were worsening. By now I had tried every natural protocol that I knew existed except for the liquid diet. For the sake of my health, it was time to take the plunge, I stopped eating food went on a complete elemental liquid diet. The theory behind this protocol is with no food is passing through your digestive system it gives your gut lining time to rest and heal, whilst feeding your body the perfect diet of every micro and macronutrient required for healing and health.

The most cost effective way for me to do it was to buy; raw organic milk (fresh and un-pasteurised), organic whey protein powder with no additives or bulkers in, a full spectrum of vitamin powders (including b-vitamin complex, multivitamins, l-glutamine, vitamin c, co-q10, riboflavin B3 and niacin B2) and mix it all into a shake.


When I started the elemental diet protocol I planned to do it for six weeks. The liquid diet lessened the pain immensely and I gained weight so I looked much healthier. Unfortunately I still had uncontrollable diarrhoea containing blood and mucous. However because of the improvements I could not go back to how I was before so I stuck with it for the next one and a half years. Yes you are reading this right, for 1.5 years I drank 4.5 litres of milk every day, this gave me a total of 5000 calories per day which was needed to give the body enough energy and protein to heal.

Natural protocols

I have tried every protocol that I know exists, every penny I had was spent on trying to heal my body. Money and wealth mean nothing without your health. I have written a short list of a few that I can remember below because I want you to understand my journey. I know that even when you think you have tried everything, when you think there is no other way with nothing left to try. I have been there and that I understand how frustrating it is.


Although none of these methods truly healed me, each protocol has its own merits and collectively these protocols have positively contributed to making me who I am today.

The list is intentionally long because I want you to understand that I felt like I was trying everything and there was nothing more I could do. I felt completely overwhelmed, angry and frustrated. What kept me going was knowing that there must be another piece of the puzzle I was missing.

Diets and foods:

Homemade Bone broths
Eating kefir, fermented vegetables, cottage cheese, homemade yoghurts
Black bananas and natural yoghurt diet
Raw milk diets
Low fibre diet
Elemental diets
Eating carbohydrate and proteins in separate meals
Blending all my meals up (Pre-digested)

Natural remedies:

Endless ‘detoxes’ including oregano oil protocol, bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth
Aloe Vera (middle leaf and distilled)
Multivitamins, B-complex vitamins, Nano particle iron, ascorbic acid, co-q10, riboflavin B3 and niacin B2 etc.
Spending £450 every 2 weeks on refrigerated probiotics from USA
Prebiotic/digestion supplements
Bromine, NAG, Deglycerized liquorice, L-glutamine


Probiotic and herbal healing enemas
Craniosacral therapy
Reiki healing
Past life regression
Colonic irrigation

Self development:

EFT (emotional freedom technique)
Earthing / Bare foot outside
Reading and Researching to understand the human body and mind
Writing a food diary
Bio-resonance testing
Sun Gazing/Walks outside


Whilst visiting my sister in Australia I got lucky.

Firstly, this was the only type of holiday that I dared to go on and as such my first holiday in many years. Although I was worried I knew it would be OK because she lived in her own house I knew that I would be able do my own laundry (to hide my embarrassing clean ups) and also that I could feed and supplement myself in a way that made me comfortable.


By chance, I met Damien, a Nutritionist who presented with me a tub containing a powdered herb blend which apparently would fix my symptoms. I instantly put my guard up and thought it was just another program / protocol that promises the world with little to no results. I refused the product.

Damien advised me to at least call Simon, Simon cured his own Crohn’s Disease using this herbal blend which led to him calling it Qenda Ultimate Fibre and supplying it to Australia.

After a few days and a few more embarrassing accidents and from not finding too much information on google about this product, I gave Simon a call and explained my symptoms and frustrations with him.

Simon then explained the science behind what was happening inside my body. I learnt that in order for it to heal naturally, I would have to start eating nutritious foods and a balanced diet. This rang alarm bells in my mind and I replied stating that I could not possibly eat such healthy foods as they made me feel so much worse. Simon reassured me that the Qenda Ultimate Fibre would help calm my system and allow me to digest and absorb the nutrients from these foods again whilst also cleansing my body of parasites and toxins. After nearly 5 years of restricted diets, I honestly had my doubts. Having prayed daily for years for the ability to eat and digest nutritious foods I owed it to myself to at least try the Qenda Ultimate Fibre. I had nothing to lose.


Driving to the store to collect the Qenda Ultimate Fibre I desperately needed the toilet. The first time I got lucky as I managed to pull over to squat in a bush. Unfortunately, the second time I was not so lucky, driving through a built-up area there was houses everywhere and no gardens, I ended up pooing myself, (yes, I have stopped the car and pooed in peoples gardens before, in fact, name any place and I have probably pooed there). I remember getting out the car and standing at the side of the road helpless with poo running down my leg, a feeling that felt all too familiar. As I’m sure many of you have done in the past, I just said f*** it, put a few carrier bags on the seat and drove to the shop.

Bowel Restore changed my life

From day one, I put it straight to the test everyday by adding more and more vegetables and condiments to actual meals and could I not believe the results no more plain food blended up food! These vegetables, nutrients and flavours now agreed with my digestive system and no longer made me ill. This amazing transformation lead to me doing a lot of cooking and baking to catch up on all food I had longed for so long, foods like raw chocolate, fruit and my favourite banana bread.

Three months later and I was healed


I was shocked because Qenda Ultimate Fibre is the by far the cheapest, simplest and most effective healing protocol that I had ever done.


  • I can eat and drink what I choose
  • I can exercise and feel good for it
  • I can go out and socialise and enjoy myself
  • I can go to built-up areas and know that I have control of my guts, (I don’t have to take a spare pair of boxers and trousers with me everywhere I go)
  • I now have a lot more confidence in every situation and feel so amazing and vibrant every day
  • I have formed poos in my toilet when I choose
  • I have no worry about where the closest toilet is as my bowels are now predictable and controllable
  • My guts work as they should absorbing all the nutrients and water from my food and drink
  • I now sleep well all the way throughout the night
  • My brain function and my memory is back to its best, the brain fog is gone and I can hold an intelligent conversation
  • The self-doubt, negative thoughts, anxiety have cleared and stayed away
  • I wake up every day feeling truly blessed to be alive, healthy and able to do whatever I choose

What surprised me the most was the change in my emotions from taking the Bowel Restore, this in my mind just proved that the ten trillion bacteria/parasites/organisms/microbiome living in our intestines really do impact our lives and our thought patterns.

I was shocked, amazed and grateful

I had been researching and trialling every diet and healing protocol for 3 years prior to this moment and lived a very strict and restricted life full of fear and worry. Now I had the answer and this was a protocol that everybody will be able to stick to as we can add it to water and drink it twice a day prior to a meal, it is that easy.

The fact that Qenda Ultimate Fibre is simple to use, cheap, fast acting and cost effective compared to all other methods. especially as it is intended to be taken as a course rather than a supplement to be taken every day for the rest of your life. I knew this was an absolute game changer in the health and well being industry and would benefit millions of people in the UK as it is curing people every day in Australia.

The risk I took

Every day I spoke to people with all sorts of illnesses and I met so may people I knew would benefit from taking Qenda Ultimate Fibre. Everyone was asking me how they could get the product and that is when Simon and I spoke about me bringing the product to the UK, as up until now Qenda has been exclusive to Australia.

A lot of people said it was too risky to leave all that I had worked for to import a new product to the UK. But by summer 2017, and after 4 years of hard work, I had completed my apprenticeship. I thought it was the perfect time. My family thought I was set up for life being a qualified Electrician with a HNC and plenty of experience, I had a trade that was in high demand and paid good money. But this was my chance to make a difference, my life purpose, to bring this life changing product to the UK and make it available for everyone.


Qenda Ultimate Fibre gave me my life back. This meant so much more to me than being an Electrician and I feel it was very important to show people that there was hope and that they do not have to suffer every day for the rest of their lives, people can overcome their chronic diseases just like I have.

I am healed, I am free

Now I want to share this amazing new product with you too. I want you to enjoy all the benefits of Qenda Ultimate Fibre and enjoy living a life of freedom again.

I hope to help and guide as many people as possible who want to use this product to aid them in their quest for natural healing. It has been said by some researchers that 90% of illnesses can be traced back to the gut. Qenda Ultimate Fibre can help with of IBD, chronic inflammation, IBS, autoimmune diseases, constipation, and diarrhoea, leaky gut, immune system disorders, abdominal cramps and bloating, bladder and kidney infections, thrush/candida symptoms, haemorrhoids/fissures etc.

If you would like to talk to me about my healing journey or would like any more information on the product that changed my life, I would love to talk with you over the phone, by email, messenger or text.
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